Consumer needs loans can be arranged in several ways:

  • apply to the bank branch with documents;
  • apply through the website of the banking organization online;
  • call the hotline.

The specialists will check the credit history and the documentation provided and contact the client within three working days. After that, you will need to go to the bank branch with the original documents to complete the transaction and receive cash. If a guarantee is issued, then it is necessary that the guarantor leave his signature in the contract, and also the original documents must be submitted.


It is possible to submit an application in electronic form, to receive an answer – also remotely to a mobile phone or mail. From the date of a positive decision, you can withdraw money within 30 days. If the financing is not completed within this period, an application will be required again.


Registration via the Internet

loan Registration via the Internet

To apply remotely, you need to select “Consumer loans” in the “Credits” section. Then click on the menu “loan processing.” At the bottom of the page there will be a link with the name “Loan Application”.


Before you apply, you should decide on the type of lending. Standard offers differ only in term and interest rate, there are also special options, which will be discussed later. After selecting the name of the program, the system will show the term and interest rate.


Next you need to fill in the data on possible income and expenses. At this stage, we recommend to provide reliable information, because if the specialists consider that the borrower intentionally enters incorrect data or tries to hide any information, then a negative decision on the possibility of lending will most likely be made.


After that, the system will calculate the maximum available amount, as well as offer the option of the size of the monthly payment. It will be broken down into payments on the loan body and interest on the loan agreement.


Next, you will need to fill in contact and personal information: information on the place of residence and registration, passport data, family composition and others. Thus, the application will be formed and transferred to the work. After 3 working days, you can expect feedback from the company with a positive decision.




With the help of the refinancing program, you can pay off your current debt by drawing up a contract in Bbunbank. The company will make payments by closing the contract, while the debt will be processed in Bbunbank on new terms more favorable to the borrower. In this way, it is possible to repay both loans in this bank and contracts that have been executed in other financial institutions of the Republic of Belarus.


Interest on the contract is also set floating and depends on the refinancing rate. The maximum loan duration is 10 years in the case of mortgage lending and up to 7 years under consumer loan agreements. And the rate in both cases is equal to the refinancing rate from the National Bank + 3%.


Terms of Service

Terms of Service

In addition to standard requirements, a banking organization sets forth additional conditions for refinancing:

  • the contract that is subject to refinancing must be executed on the same individual;
  • there is no current overdue debt. In the course of payments, no more than two delinquencies of 8 days in duration were allowed;
  • more than two months have passed since the date of financing the loan;
  • according to the actual repayment schedule, at least three months are left until the end of the loan term.


Additional documents

Additional documents

In addition to the basic certificates, the bank will need to provide a certificate from the current creditor, where the following information is posted:

  • F.I.O. (for whom the contract is drawn up);
  • the amount of current debt;
  • information about the presence or absence of the current delay;
  • details of the company where it is necessary to transfer money to close the contract;
  • account statement, which reflects information on the crediting of funds.
  • Valid bank certificates can only be within 15 days from the date of their formation.